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When Wealth Advisors Use Video

April 1, 2019 by Darcy Darbyson

Video is one of the most engaging and effective ways to reach an online audience, including potential clients. Adding a video to your next post on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can elevate your online presence and increase views and likes.

That’s why a 2016 survey by The Web Video Marketing Council found more than 61 percent of businesses use video as an online marketing tool. As a wealth advisor, you are your business and in numerous surveys, upwards of 80 percent of businesses said they would if they only had the necessary resources and expertise.1

Successfully using video to grow your business requires careful planning and professional execution. In this blog, we will share the general principles and specific technical considerations that guide Iconic Group’s video production for wealth advisors.

What is your goal?

The first step is to identify a clear goal for your video. Do you want to showcase a new service or recent commentary in the markets? Do you want to gain more followers on your social media platforms? Your goal informs the video’s style and content and, most importantly, it’s a call to action. For example, you may want to create a video sharing a client’s success story. The video’s call to action would, therefore, encourage the viewer to contact you in order to benefit from the same support.

What makes your expertise special?

Whatever the goal of your video, it must clearly identify why potential clients should choose you above all other wealth advisors. Maybe it’s your impressive experience, comprehensive team, or strong partnerships with related service providers that offer complementary services. Whatever it is that sets you apart from your competition should be clear in every video you post. You want viewers to know exactly what it is you can do for them better than anyone else can.

How will you connect with your audience?

There are countless rules to follow when creating a video. For example, you should keep it short so you don’t lose your audience’s attention, and you should ensure it can be viewed on devices from desktop computers to mobile phones. These rules aim to increase your chances of connecting with your audience.

In that regard, there is one rule that stands above the rest: you must tell a story. Videos that expertly craft a story will engage viewers and offer the greatest chance of turning them into a client. For example, creating a video to showcase your experience shouldn’t just say how many years you have been working. You could instead share a story about a client you saved from financial ruin, the actions you took to make a positive difference, and how passionate you are about your work.

Iconic Group helps wealth advisors and other businesses create videos from start to finish to enhance their online presence. Our digital marketing experts can help you get started. For more information, please give us a call.


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