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We’ll Do It Live!

December 14, 2018 by Nicole Crognale

Although live video has been around for a while, some small business owners are still hesitant to take advantage of its many benefits. The fear of using new technology for the first time or making a mistake while broadcasting can be daunting. But the truth is there really isn’t anything to be afraid of and no reason why you can’t join the many small business owners who use live video to grow their business.

Live video is so successful because it is exceptionally engaging. Your audience is right there with you, and they know it. They can ask you questions about your products or services, comment on whatever you’re broadcasting, and get involved in a way that simply isn’t possible with other forms of social media posts. In effect, they get to form a relationship with your business that could not exist otherwise. That relationship builds trust and loyalty.

The best part is things don’t have to go perfectly well for your business to enjoy these positive effects. In fact, audiences tend to view minor technical difficulties or mistakes as a sign of authenticity. In fact, according to a survey by Sprout Social, admitting mistakes is the single most important thing a business can do to demonstrate transparency on social media. Potential customers ranked it as more important than products or pricing.

If you’re ready to do it live, there are tips you can follow to ensure your broadcast is a success.

  1. Promote early – always start your promoting your live video beforehand. Tweet or post to Facebook letting people know the date and time you will be going live, and what the subject matter will be – whether it’s a product demonstration or coverage of your participation in a local event. Try to include a picture or even a short video with your promo posts to ensure they get as much attention as possible.
  2. Get prepared – make sure you have everything you will need, whether it’s props, lighting, or even just deciding where to position your camera for the best background. Make sure your logo is visible somewhere and your devices are all on silent.
  3. Get personal – when someone asks a question or comments on your live video, say their name. It’s a small thing but live video audiences love being acknowledged. It’s like being shown on a big screen at a sporting event. Ask questions, read responses. Ask your audience what they would like to see you do in a future live video.
  4. Stay active – when your live video is over, save it and share it. Stay active in the comments to keep responding to comments and questions.

Whatever your experience broadcasting live video, expect to see even more small business owners take advantage of this impactful tool in 2019. Iconic Group helps businesses grow their social media audience and reach new potential customers. If you would like to learn more, please request a complimentary discovery session.

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