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Update Team Photos For a Personal Touch

April 15, 2019 by Darcy Darbyson

A personal touch is key to success in any business. Customers and drawn to businesses whose employees are likeable and whose faces are familiar. Customers who get to know you, and who feel appreciated, can become loyal cheerleaders for your business.

Simple adjustments can greatly enhance the likeability of your business. One of the easiest ways to strengthen your personal touch is updating your team’s photos. When potential customers click the Our Team section on your website, you want them to feel comfortable and encouraged to contact you.

The best team biographies share several features in common.

Current, high-resolution photos

If the CEO’s photo is from years ago when she went through a can of hairspray every morning, or when he still had hair, it’s time to take a new one. Outdated photos can leave potential customers with a negative impression of your team when they meet you in person. Your team literally looks behind the times and out of touch. Using current photos, up to a maximum of 3 years old, demonstrates that your team is active and approachable right now.

It’s also wise to use high-resolution photos with minimal photoshopping. If your photos are too low resolution, they will not display well on high-quality devices. Furthermore, if they are photoshopped too much in post-production and they hardly look human, the impact can be just as negative as using outdated photos.

Consider the setting and be consistent

When taking your team’s photos, put some thought into the setting. You want the background of these photos to say something about your business – even if it’s just choosing a colour associated with the emotion you want potential customers to feel. For example, a crisp, pure white background may not be the best choice for a cozy boutique hotel. Be sure to keep your background simple and the same for everyone. A busy background, or a series of different ones, can look messy and distracting.

You should also encourage your team to choose their clothing for the photos thoughtfully. Recommend clothing that reflects your business, respects their personality, and has colours that complement your website. This can have a profound and positive impact.


Straight-faced team photos might sound appropriate in some cases. For example, a funeral parlour might believe it conveys sympathy, while a law firm might feel it shows strength. However, not smiling in team photos is never the right choice.

These photos are the face of your business, the first impression many potential customers will have of your team. Smiling adds a real personal touch.

Please see Iconic Group portrait gallery for examples of our services and send us a message if you require updated photography. We would be more than happy to assist!

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