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Get Your Message Out There

December 6, 2018 by Chris Crocker

Messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat are exceptionally popular, especially with youth and young adults. Research consistently shows a majority of young audiences spend multiple hours per day using these apps, and in surveys they usually say messaging apps are their preferred way to communicate with businesses.

A survey by Twilio found 90 percent of people want to use messaging apps to communicate with businesses, and Facebook’s research shows businesses that engage with potential customers this way gain trust.

For large businesses, meeting this demand can be complicated, requiring the development or artificial intelligence tools such as chatbots. Small business owners have an advantage. At a smaller scale, it is often possible to effectively provide customer service via messaging apps without added expense.

Set up a profile on a wide variety of messaging apps and turn on notifications. The key is to ensure your audience can find you and that you stay connected during business hours. If you do not have an easily-accessible profile, your competition likely will. Failing to acknowledge a message within a reasonable amount of time is like letting the phone in your office ring without answering. People will assume you are closed or indifferent to their needs.

It’s equally important to try to resolve questions or concerns the way your audience prefers. Few things turn off potential customers faster than submitting a question using a messaging app only to get a reply telling them to call for more information. Take your cue from your customer. If you have ever tried calling someone only to get no answer followed by a text reply asking what you wanted, then you have already experienced the new norm for youth and young adults. There’s a reason messaging apps are the most popular social media platforms these days.

Social media is quickly becoming the primary point of contact with existing and potential customers. The social media experience your business provides is as important today as polite and professional face-to-face service has been in past years. Doing everything you can to engage with your audience in their preferred way is crucial for success.

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